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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00007515   Transferminoracknowledged2009-05-28preference "resume paused download in same category" does not have effect
  00013731   Feature Requestfeaturenew2009-05-28Blocking spam in search results by FileID
  00014753   Miscmajorfeedback2009-05-22Possible security violation. (got a shell?)
  00014961   GUIfeatureacknowledged2009-05-12Three skins that not are present in aMule
  00015092   GUIcrashnew2009-05-12Crash when all category is filtered
  0001520    External Conncrashnew2009-05-06aMule randomly crashes
  0001518 1 GUIcrashnew2009-05-06amule aborts(segfaults) when a window manager restarts
  0001516    GUIminornew2009-04-26When 2 or more clients sending files list in same time, only one displayed (in "Searches").
  0001514    Transfermajornew2009-04-23The list of upload clients and queue is always empty
  00015131   Feature Requestfeaturefeedback2009-04-19Permanent search filters in preferences
  00014243   Feature Requestfeaturenew2009-04-07improve amule control by amulecmd
  000136810   External Connmajorfeedback2009-03-23Kad firewalled
  00015081   External Conncrashnew2009-03-22Crash on Ubuntu 8.04TLS Linux 2.6.24-23-server x86_64
  0001503 1 Multi Platformcrashnew2009-03-08EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001) KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE (0x0002) at 0x00010147
  0001502    External Connmajornew2009-03-05aMuleWeb blank page
  00014981   Multi Platformcrashnew2009-02-28crash with server accessed by more than one client
  0001494 1 Misccrashnew2009-02-17don't know how but it crashed...
  00014854   Miscmajornew2009-02-11remote homedir causes hangups
  0001492 1 External Connminornew2009-02-10cannot open UPNP port
  00013753   External Connfeaturefeedback2009-01-18Fix for UP boost
  00014721   Messagesminorfeedback2009-01-17messages cause deletion of content of transfer tab (regression)
  00014292   Transferfeaturenew2009-01-05make slot assignment permanent
  0001440 1 Serversminornew2008-11-17amuleweb chicane servers sort
  0001432    Serverscrashnew2008-10-25downloading ED2k server list crashes amule
  0001427    GUItrivialacknowledged2008-10-14provide splitter in the message tab
  0001425    External Conncrashnew2008-10-13Muchas veces, el aMule se cierra
  000120321 Sharedfilesmajoracknowledged2008-10-04Can't share external drives
  0001418    Transferfeaturenew2008-09-21Setting DSCP
  0001417    Transferminornew2008-09-21"Bind Address" and UPnP not working together
  0001406    External Connmajornew2008-09-07amule: UPnP failing to open ports on router from a multi-homed machine
  0001405    Miscminornew2008-09-07Versioncheck ignores proxy settings
  0000585    External Connfeatureassigned2008-08-30Possibility to add a new dowload into a category
  0001397    Serversmajornew2008-08-29Active Connections Always Stays Around 0 - 4
  0001396    GUIminornew2008-08-29make "show file details" ok button the default one
  0001376    Transfertweaknew2008-08-22Negative sources
  0001389 1 GUIminornew2008-08-22Sources count for completed files show negative value
  00013831   External Connmajornew2008-08-19amuleweb does not work with lighttpd mod_proxy
  0001381    Multi Platformmajornew2008-08-17amule hangs, amuled hangs, amulegui/amuleweb doesn't work properly
  00012792   Transfermajoracknowledged2008-07-21Only part files uploaded
  00009125   Feature Requesttweakacknowledged2008-07-21amuled logging capabilities
  000086011 Feature Requesttweakacknowledged2008-07-14Better download overview by altering css+html
  0001342    Feature Requestfeatureacknowledged2008-07-10Features for the web interface
  0001303    Feature Requestfeatureacknowledged2008-07-10additionally to the number of total downloads display the number of active/waiting downloads
  00010373   External Connminorfeedback2008-07-1020070109 "bind address" doesn't work correctly
  0001259 1 Multi Platformmajoracknowledged2008-07-09"preferences" button is not drawn at resolution 800x600 and less (as well as "import" and "about")
  0000944    Feature Requestminoracknowledged2008-07-09aMuleGUI: Add error message if a wrong password is entered
  0000819    External Conntrivialacknowledged2008-07-06remote gui doesn't rememer transfer list sort order
  000099721 External Connminornew2008-07-06sources received for unknown file
  00013511   External Connmajornew2008-07-06Amuled/Amuleweb won't connect unless Autoconnect=1
  00013491   External Connmajornew2008-07-05Port 4662 trouble
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