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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00014981   Multi Platformcrashnew2009-02-28crash with server accessed by more than one client
  00014953   Messagesminorresolved (Wuischke)2009-02-19error in German translation (Läuft im Schnitt)
  0001494 1 Misccrashnew2009-02-17don't know how but it crashed...
  00014854   Miscmajornew2009-02-11remote homedir causes hangups
  0001492 1 External Connminornew2009-02-10cannot open UPNP port
  00014871   Feature Requestminorresolved (Wuischke)2009-02-08Allow categories for ed2kLinks file
  000148311 Searchcrashresolved (GonoszTopi)2009-02-01Crash when closing multiple search frame
  00014681   Searchcrashresolved (sturedman)2009-01-25attempt to start global search after any other always crashes amule
  00014801   Miscblockresolved (Wuischke)2009-01-21won't compile win gcc 4.3.2
  00013753   External Connfeaturefeedback2009-01-18Fix for UP boost
  00014521   Utilitiesfeatureassigned (Wuischke)2009-01-18Add AICH support to ALC and alcc (command line and gui ED2K) link creator)
  00014711   Messagesmajorassigned (Kry)2009-01-17[this site] despite monitor is activated I don't get any notifications
  00014771   Feature Requestminorresolved (Wuischke)2009-01-17on start connect to the last used server
  00014721   Messagesminorfeedback2009-01-17messages cause deletion of content of transfer tab (regression)
  00014292   Transferfeaturenew2009-01-05make slot assignment permanent
  000146411 Miscminorresolved (GonoszTopi)2009-01-01aMule 2.2.3 won't build with GCC 4.4 [patch attached]
  0001371    Multi Platformmajorresolved (GonoszTopi)2008-12-27unavailable ld options when using --geoip-statics parameter
  0001430    Misccrashresolved (GonoszTopi)2008-12-27aMule 2.2.2 crashes in Intrepid when closing all search tabs
  0001442    GUIcrashresolved (GonoszTopi)2008-12-27aMule closes when last search tab is closed
  000136711   GUIcrashresolved (GonoszTopi)2008-12-27When downloading something from the search list and then closing the search list, aMule crashes
  00014351   Feature Requestfeatureassigned (sturedman)2008-12-23Don't download already downloaded files
  00014501   External Conncrashacknowledged (phoenix)2008-12-23amule crashed
  000143831 Messagesminorresolved (sturedman)2008-12-20KAD : "connection state : behind firewall" is not usefull message
  0001454    Feature Requestminorresolved (sturedman)2008-12-05CFormat: implement %p
  00014412   Misctweakresolved (sturedman)2008-11-21Don't created server UDP-socket
  0001440 1 Serversminornew2008-11-17amuleweb chicane servers sort
  0001437    Feature Requestfeatureassigned (sturedman)2008-11-14Load from a external source the parts of file you lack.
  00010321   Miscminorresolved (Wuischke)2008-11-07amuleweb - shared files - "order by (TOTAL)" not working
  0000926    External Connminorresolved (Wuischke)2008-11-07[amuleweb] sort order shared files
  00004231   Miscminorresolved (Wuischke)2008-11-07amuleweb search page: refresh doesn't honor sort orders
  000131411 Transfertweakresolved (sturedman)2008-11-06Files not sorted in transfer window
  00010562   Searchminorresolved (GonoszTopi)2008-11-01amulegui: incorrect results when searching with min size >= 4GB
  0001432    Serverscrashnew2008-10-25downloading ED2k server list crashes amule
  0001427    GUItrivialacknowledged2008-10-14provide splitter in the message tab
  0001425    External Conncrashnew2008-10-13Muchas veces, el aMule se cierra
  000120321 Sharedfilesmajoracknowledged2008-10-04Can't share external drives
  00009751   Misctrivialresolved (Wuischke)2008-09-26System tray icon background
  0001420    Messagesfeatureassigned (Wuischke)2008-09-25Update included gettext, check php gettext
  00014094   Sharedfilesblockresolved (Wuischke)2008-09-24NTFS Temp dir = windows blue screen when accessing the file
  0000627    External Connminorresolved (lfroen)2008-09-23Categories in web interface
  00011421   Feature Requestminorassigned (Wuischke)2008-09-23First run wizard
  00004222   Miscminorfeedback (GonoszTopi)2008-09-21amuleweb search page doesn't refresh automatically
  0001418    Transferfeaturenew2008-09-21Setting DSCP
  0001417    Transferminornew2008-09-21"Bind Address" and UPnP not working together
  00014161   Preferencesminorresolved (Wuischke)2008-09-20French Translation error (slot allocation)
  00006212   Feature Requestminorresolved (Xaignar)2008-09-17dynamically sort data in collumns
  000140811 Misccrashresolved (Wuischke)2008-09-16aMuled crashes when starting
  00008712   Feature Requestfeatureassigned (Wuischke)2008-09-14Remember search options for every search result tab
  00013921   Utilitiestextresolved (Wuischke)2008-09-10default casrc file, error.
  0001406    External Connmajornew2008-09-07amule: UPnP failing to open ports on router from a multi-homed machine
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