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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  0001692 1 GUIminornew2011-11-04Selected columns in views not saved
  0001691    Misctweaknew2011-10-28unnecessary wakeup of amule daemon
  0001690    Serverscrashnew2011-10-14aMuled 2.2.6 using wxGTK2 v2.8.10 Linux armv5tel
  0001688    Multi Platformcrashnew2011-09-252.3.1rc2 crashes at start on macOS X Lion, both server and regular versions
  0001687    Serverstrivialnew2011-08-26 [^] is broken
  0001686    GUIcrashnew2011-08-23Amule GUI crashes when user removes a download
  0001685 1 External Connminornew2011-08-07Incorrect display in amuleweb
  0001684 1 External Conncrashnew2011-07-28Crash during connection
  0001682    Utilitiesminornew2011-07-23amuleweb can not access with text-based browser
  0001680    External Connminornew2011-07-15Non-ASCII caterogy name cannot be displayed in a combo box of web control
  000167832 Misccrashnew2011-07-07aMule crashes after few hours connected to Kad
  00016752   External Connminornew2011-06-03amulecmd show dl cannot list Chinese characters
  00014073   Preferencesminoracknowledged2011-04-27Use a default directory which is not hidden
  0001666    Miscminornew2011-04-27Setting bind address should also set request source address
  0001665    GUItrivialnew2011-04-26No tray icon in Ubuntu UNITY
  0001664 1 GUItrivialnew2011-04-26Resolution of main ICON is too low
  00014973   Preferencesminorresolved2011-04-17ipfilter failed to load
  00014601   Misccrashresolved2011-04-17random crash with no log report + Huge memory leak
  00016233   Utilitiesmajorfeedback2011-04-17amuleweb unicode filenames
  0001650    Preferencestrivialnew2011-01-29Let amuleweb run without requesting user/password
  00016481   Misccrashresolved2011-01-24crash with about 700 file
  00016452   External Connmajornew2011-01-14Same problem with issue 0001606: stops responding when network down
  00016422   Misccrashacknowledged2011-01-01Amule crash down in short time at ubuntu 10.4 kernel 2.6.32-27
  0001638    GUIcrashnew2010-11-27rev. 10390 Segmentation fault
  0001637    GUIminornew2010-11-21tray icon problem in awesome wm
  0001629    Transferminornew2010-10-03Memory exhaustion on network disconnect
  00016201   GUIminornew2010-08-23Event command does nothing
  000074321 External Connminoracknowledged2010-07-13Only one ed2k -link can be added on amulweb
  0001604    GUIminornew2010-05-25Minimize aMule to Tray does not work properly
  00014651   Miscminorresolved2010-05-19video player doesn't find file with a name wich contain space
  0001594    Utilitiescrashnew2010-03-22When you import files. Part, the program quits
  00015931   GUIminornew2010-03-17errors continuously printed in the console
  000158831 Multi Platformminornew2010-03-07On the Mac verson, aMule crashes on lauch when Hebrew localization is running
  00015285   Feature Requesttweaknew2010-03-03Wider range of auto upload priorities
  00015843   Searchfeaturenew2010-02-01New file types, please.
  0001533    GUIminornew2010-01-28Show/Hide Traybar menu command not working properly
  00015801   Miscfeatureacknowledged2010-01-24multiple ed2k links
  000156862 Serverscrashnew2009-12-30amuled crash while using amulegui both running on the same machine (backtrace included)
  0001573    Miscblocknew2009-12-30No link clicked download
  00015671   Utilitiescrashnew2009-12-26amuled crashed when I do certain operations
  0001564 1 Multi Platformcrashnew2009-11-30crashes in OS X
  0001560 1 GUIminornew2009-11-22Transfer column misalignment
  00015561   External Connblocknew2009-11-11Amuleweb doesn't get any search results
  00014894   GUIminornew2009-11-11Tray icon show/hide behaviour is un-intuitive
  000155031 Messagescrashnew2009-11-11Crashed the application in Fedora 11
  0001558    External Connminornew2009-10-24check firewall status button missing
  00015542   Utilitiesminornew2009-10-04ntfs transfer complete file problem
  000136351 GUIminornew2009-06-29String not correctly show with windows not enlarged
  0001524    Miscminornew2009-05-31New Upload doesn't get sorted in the Uploads list
  00014901   GUIminornew2009-05-29Shaped tray icon can be difficult to click
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